Our Philosophy – Because of all the reasons why
Gordon & DaNae enjoy capturing your memories and the essence of who you are. Portraits that are timeless, excite people, evoke emotion, and cause you to ask how or why.
Our focus is wall art – portraits you love and are proud of. We believe in printing your portraits to be displayed; not forgotten on a disk that’s stuffed in a drawer. We work hard to create beautiful portraits you are excited to display and enjoy – both on your walls, and in an album.
Though we enjoy the classic look of printing on textured paper, as well as the vibrancy and depth that printing on metal provides; we are happy to offer other custom printing options.
We are available to shoot in our studio, your home, or anyplace important to you.

Meet the Artists
Gordon –

Gordon is highly motivated by the expression and response his clients give at the moment they see their beautiful images in print. It is for that moment that he works hard to create beautiful images that will be treasured and remembered. His enjoyment with photography began when he was a small child and he stole his moms Kodak 110 camera. Creating the pictures and saving memories culminated into his personal development today. He remembers the first time he had one of his portrait images professionally printed at full size. That moment propelled him into portrait photography because he feels that everyone should have an image that can be used to document their life.
Gordon is an active member of Professional Photographers of Idaho, and Professional Photographers of America, where he enjoys meeting and working with other photographers.
Gordon served in the U.S. Air Force and is proud to be an American veteran. He and DaNae reside in Idaho Falls where they enjoy the adventures that comes with the country life of family, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and honey bees.


DaNae is an integral part of Gordon Smith Photography, mostly working behind the scenes. Raised by an artist, she has been influenced by colors, textures and design since she was a small child. She takes ideas and transforms them into reality. She creates the foundation for our photography experiences, this is especially magnified in our themed photography events. Her attention to details, colors, and design transform your “photo session” into a “photography experience.” DaNae is a nationally certified floral artist and personally designs and creates all our botanical products we provide for our photo experiences.